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B.Gutsy is a sparkly low-calorie beverage that is a probiotic powerhouse with gut-boosting benefits.

We have been with the brand since its initial stage as we created its brand identity and packaging. We take pride in stating that the packaging of the drink has been highlighted by many because of its minimal and premium look. Each bottle has a questionnaire tag that creates engagement with the consumer. 

Tagging along with packaging, we have designed stationery for them.

Moreover, we have provided the brand with our media services which consist of product and lifestyle photoshoots.; a website was also designed and Shopify was used as a tech stack to provide an e-comm solution that is based on a one-off and subscription model. The website has a user-friendly interface to make purchasing experience feasible. Moreover, the website carries the brand aesthetics with a minimalist design approach and soothing colors of B.Gutsy.

B.Gutsy Logo Color